April 7 - 9: We'll be at the Innovative Bead Expo this April with fresh beads!  


Awesome progress is being made on the bead studio and new beads will be coming soon.  It has been almost 9 months since we moved and my bead studio has been shut down!  I cannot believe it and have been missing my creative endeavors.  But, Crusher and I will be back to making beads in no time!

My new studio is located in the old Boiler Room of our building.  We have been working to bring this dank and dark room back to life and we're probably less than a month away from completing the project!

This is the boiler room shortly after the monster boiler was removed.

Here's where we are now!  I can actually see it starting to take shape!  We added a lot of windows for light, a new floor so that we're no longer below grade, and insulation so I can stay as toasty as possible during the winter.

Here's a view of the outside.

Thanks to everyone who's reached out over the last year and has been patiently waiting for us to get back up and running.  We appreciate all the support and well wishes!